Lucy Marshall | WMF of Wisconsin

Wendy skillfully managed the communication campaign for a statewide, nonprofit grassroots fundraising and power-building initiative. She crafted inspiring and witty e-mails to fundraisers and donors in accessible language appropriate for the “voice” of the campaign. She helped our organization effectively brand the campaign. She also led the coordinated social media communications plan for the event, and continued to manage social media content for the organization for about a year. Wendy found interesting and engaging content to post on Facebook and Twitter, and she successfully expanded the organization’s presence and influence across both platforms. She was able to center the organization’s values and goals in all that she did, and we feel so lucky to have had her. Plus, Wendy was an amazing team member. She showed up to offer support, was extremely organized and punctual, and is such a warm and fun colleague. I highly recommend Wendy!!