Writing and Editing

Supper Clubs and Klezmer Dance

I’m always honored to write for On Wisconsin magazine (the publication of my alma mater, the University of Wisconsin-Madison), so I was twice as proud when I had the chance to contribute two pieces for the Summer 2017 issue.

  • This winter, I had an amazing 90-minute conversation with Rabbi Daniel Brenner ’92 about everything from Mifflin St. and doing improv with Chris Farley, to how he’s helping Jewish youth connect with their faith (and disconnect from their phones), to his passion for trying to keep traditional Jewish dances alive in a totally unique way. Just a super cool guy.
  • In February, I road-tripped up to Green Bay with Wisconsin Alumni Association staffer Kristen where dozens of alumni, many from the Brown County chapter, gathered to learn about the Science of Supper Clubs. The event reminded me of all the things I loved about working at WAA: Badgers swapping stories from the good ol’ days, great food (and beer samples from Wisconsin Brewing Co.), and some lifelong learning on the side.