Writing and Editing

Fund-a-Thon 2021 Story Series

This spring, I had the opportunity to combine two things I'm passionate about: interviewing people/featuring writing and reproductive justice. Every year, abortion funds across the country hold Fund-a-Thon events to raise money and raise awareness about barriers to access. And wow, are they creative. Official events included virtual baking demonstrations, drag shows, and talent contests.… Continue reading Fund-a-Thon 2021 Story Series

Multimedia, Writing and Editing

Everything you want to know about health insurance

Health insurance can be incredibly complicated. What's the difference between a copay and coinsurance? What's a Health Savings Account? WPS Health Insurance decided to create a series of animated, educational videos to help people better understand insurance coverage. As the writer and producer on this project, I enjoyed the challenge of simplifying the complex and… Continue reading Everything you want to know about health insurance