"I Voted" stickers
Project Management

Get Out the Vote

The project that might tell you the most about me was the media campaign launched in Fall 2020 to promote the Voter Helpline and assist voters remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic.

(Some background: the Dane County Voter ID Coalition is a nonpartisan group dedicated to educating voters about the need to have a photo ID, headed by the League of Women Voters of Dane County and the NAACP of Dane County, along with more than two dozen local member organizations.)

After the Dane County board authorized funding for a multi-platform advertising campaign, it was time to get to work. My responsibility as liaison between a Voter ID Coalition workgroup and a local advertising agency, who generously donated their services pro bono, was to ensure strategy, budget, and messaging aligned with organizational goals and branding. This included identifying target audiences, gathering and sharing feedback, coordinating with volunteers and board directors to implement advertising, and creating and distributing a digital toolkit.

It was a thrill to tap into my years of marketing and media experience, my project management and client relations skills, and my passion for voter enfranchisement in service of the Voter ID Coalition, its partner organizations, and the people of Wisconsin.